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A challenge that many people encounter in re-careering is that they don't have the knowledge and experience of a professional career counselor.  This process is accomplished through 3 distinct phases.
Before you can explore new career options, you need to understand your life experiences and how it has influenced your career choices. A comprehensive intake includes:
  • Identify interests
  • Ascertain personal values
  • Explore spiritual beliefs
  • Recognize transferable skills
  • Review education history
  • Acknowledge the influences in your life
  • Re-examine family of origin messages
  • Administration and interpretation of career assessments
Unless you have a clearly defined goal, it is difficult to reach that objective. This phase consists of:
  • Investigate career alternatives through personal research
  • Initiate and participate in brainstorming sessions to explore career options
  • Identify the characteristics in an ideal career
One of the significant challenges in making a major transition is the implementation phase. This stage embraces:
  • Preparation of professional resumes
  • Enhance interview skills
  • Develop effective job search strategies
  • Emotional support required to achieve your goals
  • Identify and resolve roadblocks that prevent you from succeeding
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes"
          Marcel Proust


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