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Betty Boza has an extensive background working as a computer professional in a corporate environment. Besides working as a computer consultant, her employment experience includes a variety of industries: warehouse distribution, insurance, and telecommunications. She transitioned from a career in information technology to assist others with their career and personal development and enter graduate school. In addition to a BS in Business Administration, she earned an MA in Professional Counseling and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Clinical Counseling.

While completing her graduate studies, Betty held several positions related to career development, including a team member of a career resource center for a community college. She also worked as an employment services coordinator for a nationally recognized transitional housing program. In addition, she served as an adjunct faculty member for Ottawa University and taught the graduate level class, “Life Planning and Career Development”.

The Industrial Commission of Arizona granted Betty a career counselor’s license in 1997, which is a requirement for counselors in private practice. She has effectively collaborated with her clients in all the processes associated with identifying and reaching their personal and career goals. She has developed and facilitated several career development workshops including, “What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up” and “Careers In Transition”. Additionally, she has developed and facilitated classes regarding conflict resolution, adapting to change, and using optimism to transform your life.    

The major transitions Betty has personally addressed consist of: job layoffs, career discontent, exploring new career options, leaving a vested career, returning to school and establishing a consulting practice. Through her experiences, she has resolved the emotional processes associated with major transitions involving the loss of an established career, challenges of starting over, leaving the safety of the unknown and moving into and embracing the fear of uncertainty. As a result, she is an effective counselor assisting clients experiencing concerns with career development, mid-life transitions, and life planning enrichment. 

Betty is an active member of the National Career Development Association and Arizona Career Development Professionals’ Association where she has served several terms as a board member. She has written several articles focusing on career development issues, which were published in the Arizona Women’s News. 


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